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Ancient principles for modern times.

What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of healing that views health as the balance within an individual's healing energy, or chi. For more than three thousand years acupuncture has helped millions feel stronger, healthier and more vital. Fine needles are inserted at specific points along the meridians just under the skin to stimulate, disperse and balance the flow of energy, relieve pain, and treat a variety of chronic, acute and degenerative conditions. With acupuncture treatment patients typically experience an improvement in general health, increased stamina and resistance to illness. Many patients also find their intimate relationships improve in quality and depth.

How does Acupuncture Work?
Symptoms are the body's distress call signaling us that there is a problem that needs our attention. If the root of the problem is not addressed more serious symptoms or conditions are likely to occur. Acupuncture recognizes the wisdom of your body and works with nature's laws to reestablish your ability to heal. Treating holistically, acupuncture targets the root of an illness, and helps establish wellness and balance in mind, body and spirit.

What can I Expect?
All visits are approximately an hour in length. The initial visit is designed to allow you and your practitioner time to discuss your concerns in the context of a complete health and personal history and includes a physical exam. We begin each session with an opportunity for you to share your successes, observations and life events. You may receive coaching on how to cultivate your ability to observe your symptoms and make empowering life choices. After our discussion you'll receive treatment. Since most patients discover how deeply relaxing treatment can be, your treatment includes time to relax and lie still.

What about the Needles?

Before receiving their first treatment many people are nervous about the concept of being treated with acupuncture needles. It is important to understand that only sterile, prepackaged, top quality disposable needles are used in treatment.



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